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Clients. Confidence.Cash.

“I am drowning in a sea of information – what I really need is insight”

shutterstock_90442375Are you going 1000 miles per hour in every direction?

Do you want to make smart choices for Your Business, Your Team and for You.

Even seasoned leaders can be overwhelmed with an avalanche of choices.

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.”  Brian Tracy.

Patrick McKeen, FocalPoint Certified Business CoachI have worked with, coached and mentored a wide variety of business owners, executives, presidents and CEO’s for over 25 years in business.

I have led business teams that have grown by 100’s of millions of dollars, introduced new products into a wealth of new categories and developed advertising campaigns for TV, Radio, Print and New Media.

While on the road to producing extra-ordinary results, I have done 3 things: innovated, connected with people and had fun.

Today, I inspire business leaders to create encouraging, engaging and high performance work environments by getting the benefits of Clarity + Focus on their side.

Patrick McKeen

Professional Business Coach

I take pride in being a highly trained professional business consultant and mentor. I am certified to coach using FocalPoint’s proven curriculum.

FocalPoint Coaching Excellence

FocalPoint Coaching

FocalPoint is powered by Brian Tracy one of the world’s most influential business experts. He is a recognized leader in helping people find more time, build better teams, and generate more profit. Patrick chose to become a FocalPoint Business Coach because he believes Brian Tracy’s strategies & tactics can make a tangible difference in the lives of business people.

Partnering Patrick’s passion with the expertise of Brian Tracy’s tested and proven concepts will ensure outstanding value to his clients.